DualLiner Bed Liner for your Dodge Truck

Dodge Ram Bed Liner

Dodge Ram Trucks are a great investment, Dodge has a line of the most powerful good looking trucks on the market. To own one is an honor in my opinion. Once you have purchased a Dodge Ram you’re going to be thinking accessories immediately. The first aftermarket accessory you should look for, for your new truck is a bedliner.

As every truck owner knows the bed is the part of your truck that is going to take the most abuse, and protecting the bed or box is an important step in keeping your truck’s value high. There is nothing like having a great bedliner and just being able to through a load of bricks or wood in the back with no worries. Time is money, your Dodge truck is tough, but without a bed liner you will sustain damage to the bed’s paint without a little extra help.

What is the best bed liner for your Dodge Ram?

Here are a few tips you should hear and consider before you purchase a bed liner for your new Dodge Ram. Spray-ons or spray-ins are the most popular part of the bedliner industry. They are a fully permanent solution to your truck bed needs. There in lies the problem, have a dealer install a spray on, and if you start to see any scratching or cracking of the product, there is no taking the spray in back out because you are unsatisfied. When they install a spray on, the tech scuffs your paint and adheres the spray in to the bare metal on your trucks bed. The only real way to remove it is to replace the bed of the truck which will run well over $5,000 which is obviously not a viable solution.

Drop ins are less expensive and not permanent, but have their own set of problems. The drop-in industry has went with a one size fits all mentality for many years. If the drop in does not fit your truck bed perfectly, it is allowed to shift and rub on the underlying paint which causes scratching and wear spots. Plus the hard plastic of the drop in allows for your cargo to slide around and potentially damage the tailgate and sidewalls of your truck.

I have found a product that I truly stand behind. DualLiner is a hybrid style bedliner that has studied all the problems of the bed liner industry and truly put out a superior product. Dual Liner is a five piece component bed liner system that consists of 4 hard plastic pieces that bolt into the sidewalls, front and tailgate with the combination of factory hardware and pushpins. The bed itself is covered by a 3/8″ thick rubber Zero Skid mat which is nice on the knees and tough enough to protect your truck box from nearly anything. The rubber mat has a nippled bottom which keeps it from trapping water, and the side and back pieces are custom fit to perfectly adhere the sidewalls and tailgate of your truck.

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